The Paleo diet 1st Part

Today I am going to talk to you about a way to feed ourselves, a way that we should not have lost. A way to eat healthier and more in line with our genetics. Surely many of you will put your hands to your head and will call me crazy (at least), since for decades, the media have bombarded us with how good and necessary carbohydrates testosterone enanthate resultat are, but really? they are?. Keep in mind that the world financial system is based on three main pillars, such as agriculture , oil companies, and large pharmaceutical companies . I know that the last two do not have much to do with the first, but it is for you to understand that although there really was a healthier way to feed ourselves, reallyDo you think that governments would be interested in changing the entire system as it is assembled? . Although it would benefit us, all those pharmaceutical companies, what would they do with the products that they have made expressly to cure us of the diseases caused by a bad diet, and have cost them millions of dollars? The other comparison with the oil companies would be why, knowing that we are destroying the planet, our house , electric cars are not manufactured and put on sale, really, do you think it is due to lack of technology? It is definitely not financially interesting . I know that I have gone a bit by the branches, but I hope you have understood me and you know where I want to go, I consider the above very important.

Continuing with the theme of governments, we all know the famous food pyramid, but do you know who created the pyramid? It was created in the 1960s, it was published by the USDA, United States Department of Agriculture. And I say … what would they put in the base if not? What I’m going to is that this pyramid was launched for economic reasons and today it has practically not varied, except that they have incorporated the fruits into the base. 

But is it really the correct diet?

But I think you have to take a step back and observe, perhaps it would be good to go back in time, get on the Delorean with me, hehe …
With the introduction of agriculture, the human species stopped being nomadic and began to look for settlements, preferably near rivers and also began a multitude of diseases that did not exist before, we know from fossil studies. Detractors of this theory come to say that with the introduction of agriculture, life expectancy increased, when in fact it was reduced to 19 years due to diseases such as caries, pyorrhea, joint problems, etc … which did not occur in the paleolithic, at that time the man did not live too much due to the beasts that roamed the earth, any infected wound caused the death and even an attack of a similar one. Although fossils of people over 60 years have been found . In fact cereals were in deficit, in amino acids and vitamins, hence other types of problems arose.

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